Brown Hands- A poem By Ashley Wilkerson

Ashley Wilkerson – Brown Hands

Brown Hands- A poem By Ashley Wilkerson

Hey Now.

 The next few Musings From The Ship are going to cut pretty deep and really good this month.

Actress, poet, playwright, activist AND documentarian Ashley Wilkerson joins us this week with a baby fresh poetic offering from the womb of her mind.

Brown Hands enters as an monumental ode to her brother who was murdered by gun violence in 2007, travels the rawness of grief and regally arrives at a resolve that bursts open with compassion.

File this poem in the Alchemical section, please.

‘Cause Ms. Wilkerson has surely done the inner work to feel completely at home there.

Take a journey with her to a scenario that is happening at this very moment in….

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Ayun Bassa flips all types of styles over nothing but string samples on Day’s Day like, for the first 55 seconds.

And that’s almost a minute, too.

We also seriously dig the kung-fu flick after hang vibe coming off this piece.

Get acquainted with this young CoupDeLa– affiliated MC while he puts the final touches on his forthcoming Hugs And Slaps  E.P. slated to release March 10th  on SomeOthaShip Connect.


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The New Prehistoric, bj Tehellme Watchakneau

Tehellme Watchakneau – The New Prehistoric

The New Prehistoric, bj Tehellme Watchakneau

According to Mr. Watchakneau’s “The New Prehistoric”, The ‘General Population” could serve themselves better by Google-ing strategically.

Hey Now.

We’re back at you with another Musing From The Ship.

This time, our latest contributor, Tehellme Watchakneau  not only takes us on a mini stroll down Technological Memory Lane (for those of us who can recall HTML as an absolute revelation for research), but also uses that nolstalgic irony to remind folks that they could be acquiring vast mental treasures  AND skillsets.

In a day and age where gossipy trivia trumps crimes against humanity with a mere hashtag in popularity,

Tehellme Watchakneau tips on the line between poetry, prose and satire as he portrays a snippet of his mind’s eye, working at a post production firm in…

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The Bandcamp Boogie!

Why You Need The Bandcamp Boogie:

We got the actual holy grail poppin’ when it comes to albums.

The sheer volume of releases can indeed overwhelm the common soul.

We’ve borne witness to many a public convo on the social networks that look a whole lot like this:

Human A: “Man.  SomeOthaShip is blowing my mind on YouTube. So glad you put me on! I check out their BandCamp page all the time, and I really want to support their sound, but…which album should I buy to begin with?  

Human B: I know! Their catalogue is an EPIC of its own. You could start with (insert fav album here) to get started. Good Luck!”

Is that cool?

Absolutely not.

We have already been hard at work and steadily expanding our collection of music like crazy in 2015.

And we really want you to hear it.

So we saw it as fair and square to offer all of you, for a limited time only…


Bandcamp Boogie: The SomeOthaship Anthology, As of yet.

Bandcamp Boogie: The SomeOthaship Anthology, As of NOW.


for twenty bucks, so that you can keep up with us.

So that you can feel the full effect of our vibrational sciences.


we care ’bout what music does our collective environment.

We offer you:

 • Olesi Fragmentals




• Ms. One (Rap EP)
Georgia Anne Muldrow

• T.G.I.F.

• Traditional Heritage

• Songs From Dj Romes’ NEXTAPE

• Seeds
Georgia Anne Muldrow

• Denderah
Georgia Anne Muldrow as Jyoti

• The Lighthouse

• Self Study

• In God’s Hands / Move in the Right way
Rickie Byars Beckwith

• Words Have Power b/w Verse 4 Verse
Cornbread (of Kali Wild)

• The E.P. (Produced by Georgia Anne Muldrow)
MP Is Free

• Ocotea

• The Blackhouse 
Georgia Anne Muldrow ft. DJ Romes

• Expressions 2012 A.U. 
Dudley Perkins

• Astormsacomin’ 

• King’s Ballad 
Georgia Anne Muldrow

• Early
Georgia Anne Muldrow

• A  Lil’  Light  
Dudley Perkins

• Ms. One And The Gang
Georgia Anne Muldrow  feat. Various Artists 

• Umsindo
Georgia Anne Muldrow

• Holy Smokes
Dudley Perkins

• Fonk

•The Message Uni Versa

• Worthnothings
Georgia Anne Muldrow

• Andsoitisaid



29 pieces of music in all, for the price of 2.

Here’s what you do:

1. Hit the “Click here to buy The Bandcamp Boogie” button, you’ll be directed to a traditional PayPal page.

2.Once you enter your payment information and click Pay Now, click on the link that says “Return to” and you’ll be redirected to our thank you page that will contain your password for the download.

3.Retrieve the password  and proceed to the next link as directed.

4. Enter the password in the empty text field, and hit the button.

5.Your link will be there, waiting to be clicked. 


6. Download your georgeous files.

The Bandcamp Boogie

No Mas Mayate- Declaime (prod. By Chris Keys)

“Oh yeah, that N*gga gotta go

He ain’t worthy to breathe no mo’

No matter what he’s done imma let him know

This is reality, just like one of them TV shows

That N**ga gotta go 

That N**ga gotta go fa sho’…”


Hey Now.

We gonna touch upon some heavy content here.

Today we bring you, The N-word.

Some intellectuals have publicly defended this epithet as an expression of power, one that enables them to move forward from the mind-numbing horror of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, otherwise known as The Maafa (a KiSwahili term for disaster, terrible occurrence or great tragedy), or deeper still, The African Holocaust.

Others have seen it as common sense that these justifications have come about through centuries of  being forced to answer to the N-word, with death or torture being the the promised outcome for all who sought out to name themselves during slavery, or even the Jim Crow era.

Declaime shares his views with us on ‘No Mas Mayate‘ (N**ga No More in mexican slang), a searing new audio single from his forthcoming Southside Story LP due to release this year on Someothaship Connect – exclusively on vinyl.

This piece opens up and ends with chopped and screwed soundbites from Dick Gregory shedding light on the N-Word over Chris Keys’ film noir-esque original instrumentation, laden with sullen vibraphones, overdriven harpsichords and muted jazz guitars sounding like a sample from the 60’s.

Declaime enters into the soundscape with the sole purpose of blasting the N-Word off into oblivion in a manner so clever, you’d think he’d gone ratchet. But as the song continues, he makes his intentions clear by cutting himself from the N-Word; being unable to utter it by manually muting his voice marks its symbolic death, as well as the end of the track.

A closer look into his verse structure reveals heavy traces of the legendary  Langston Hughes, The Watts Prophets and The Last Poets – a most needed trifecta  for these present times indeed.

Listen to this joint twice; the second go round is even more profound.


Kankick – Kan Krates Funk Soul Mix

Big shoutout to Kan Kick for lacing us with this funk soul mix that’s dripping with golden hits bound to to roll your hips…

Our Goal is to to funk up yo’ Monday in a fun way… voila, SomeOthaship.

1.Bunny Sigler-Lets Get Freaky Now
2.Rose Royce-Funkin’ Around
3.One Way Ft. Al Hudson-Pop It
4.Rick James- Ghetto Life
5.Jimmy Ross-First True Love Affair
6.Parliament-The Big Bang Theory
7.Stacy Lattisaw-Dynamite
8.The Human Body-Make You Shake It
9.Cameo-Shake Your Pants
10.Dynasty-I Just Begun To Love You
11.The Whispers-Keep On Loving Me

Shoooot….you betta enjoy yourself, ’cause this is a big ole party stuffed into an itty bitty file’s body!

Oji's Rhythmic Cognition Theory part 1

Oji Drops A Jewel : Rhythmic Cognition Theory Pt. 1

Oji's Rhythmic Cognition Theory part 1

Check out some deep ruminations from Oji of The Ascension Team ’bout a lil’ something we call….rhythm.

Read on to discover what this seasoned ‘mental treasure hunter’  excavates about tone and vibratory happenings.


We be thinking ’round here.

(cameo doodles by georgia anne muldrow)

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Soldier Story – Wildchild Ft. Aloe Blacc (produced by Shashu)




Following the release of his recent album, T.G.I.F.(Thank God It’s Funky), legendary Lootpack member and SomeothaShip artist Wildchild teams up with California soul superstar Aloe Blacc for “Soldier Story”, a powerful anthem of fatherhood and dedication to his son Miles “Baby Boogaloo” Brown and to the next generation of young black men.

As well as Aloe Blacc, T.G.I.F.(Thank God It’s Funky) features J-Ro (Alkaholiks), Medusa, Jamie Lidell, Steve Arrington, Chalice and is mainly produced by Georgia Anne Muldrow and DJ Shashu.

To all those out there trying to raise sons…keep your head up and your heart wide.

It’s a crazy world out there.

Words From Martin Luther King Jr. #MLKDay

Today, we honor the legacy of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. As a tribute. Georgia Anne Muldrow has selected this image of a powerful quote from the fearless revolutionary.
We know that the contributions of such greatness cannot be abbreviated to just a single day. Martin Luther King Jr.’s courage and compassion for all of humanity will eternally enlighten and awaken minds far beyond the pages of any history book. Still, we should take great pride in being able to pay homage wherever possible.
Georgia Anne Muldrow will release her own personal musings/footage from the recent SomeOthaShip Connection Tour with Dudley Perkins as well as some other members of the SOS family.
Please stay tuned…