Someothaship And The Never Ending Playlist



Southside Story

southside story art


SomeOthaShip co-founder, Declaime, is back with a dope new 11 track album, Southside story. Declaime’s new offering is sure to open up your third eye whilst invoking severe head nodding side affects. Pure dope. You can stream it above or purchase it on iTunes.

“This is an accumulation of everything I’ve done in music, this is where it ends up for me until the next mission, the next record. [It’s the sum] of what I’ve experienced and of what I’ve seen. So it would sound like there’s a lot being said in it. But I try to say it as simple as I can, ’cause people tend to have a problem with what it is I’m doing. But I know what that is also….I’m speaking a totally different language than a lot of artists in hip hop. It’s not a hard language to understand, it’s just a language that’s been taught to be forgotten.”