Brown Hands- A poem By Ashley Wilkerson

Ashley Wilkerson – Brown Hands

Brown Hands- A poem By Ashley Wilkerson

Hey Now.

 The next few Musings From The Ship are going to cut pretty deep and really good this month.

Actress, poet, playwright, activist AND documentarian Ashley Wilkerson joins us this week with a baby fresh poetic offering from the womb of her mind.

Brown Hands enters as an monumental ode to her brother who was murdered by gun violence in 2007, travels the rawness of grief and regally arrives at a resolve that bursts open with compassion.

File this poem in the Alchemical section, please.

‘Cause Ms. Wilkerson has surely done the inner work to feel completely at home there.

Take a journey with her to a scenario that is happening at this very moment in….

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