HEARSAY! by Tehellme Watchakneau (Musings From The Ship)



Save your breath! I don’t want to hear what I already know… Your creative

presentation is unwanted and unwarranted. The truth shines clear and pure

when words don’t taint the reality. All uttered explanations are hearsay, ya

dig… Even if it came from your momma, friend or a trend, you still gotta add

your own two cents in; and that small but powerful income comes from your

experience or intuition only! So, who / what is your real homie?… The spirit

already told me, so what you bringing is definitely phony! Exception is..,

that you are totally transparent. Break that word down, why don’t cha! Trans

= across / beyond, and parent = the individual most trusted teaching you the

“ways” of life. Be beyond what is professed or what is taught to you by other

externally minded “teachers,” for they too may have been misguided by the

words that attempt to describe our true reality. Float!, like a buoy and

observe! A picture is worth a thousand words!…

~Tehellme Watchakneau


Oji's Rhythmic Cognition Theory part 1

Oji Drops A Jewel : Rhythmic Cognition Theory Pt. 1

Oji's Rhythmic Cognition Theory part 1

Check out some deep ruminations from Oji of The Ascension Team ’bout a lil’ something we call….rhythm.

Read on to discover what this seasoned ‘mental treasure hunter’  excavates about tone and vibratory happenings.


We be thinking ’round here.

(cameo doodles by georgia anne muldrow)

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