Kriswontwo - standard picKRISWONTWO is back again after his critically acclaimed Ms. One E.P.(1 of 2 g.a.m’s all-rap efforts) to bring you CEREMONI, his debut album.

 “It has a lot of different meanings. Ceremoni is the Danish spelling for Ceremony. I’ve been tripping off how music is in it’s origin ceremonial in every way. In popular culture music is not respected at all, people just want fast food – but music is just like food, you just got to make a serious decision what you put in your body and soul. I’m trying to make some organic and healthy music and I’m learning everyday. Music is ceremonial in my life. It’s something I do everyday, like praying you know.”


It’s Raw. Elegant. Incredibly musical.

Omar, Stacy Epps, Liv Lykke, Amalia, Nanna B, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Skyzoo, Oh No, El Da Sensei and MED. They ALL on it. And it’s available now.