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Ankles – New Rap Single from Georgia Anne Muldrow’s Thoughtiverse

Georgia Anne Muldrow is a seeker and truth-teller. The words on her debut rap album, “A Thoughtiverse Unmarred,” balance a beautiful delivery with brutal honesty. Due May 19th via Mello Music Group, the album finds the prophetic soul artist offering a singular voice that provides conscious rhymes over dusty beats suffused with gritty drums and hypnotic loops provided by producer Chris Keys.

To Be Graced – Steve Taylor (AUDIO SINGLE)

Steve Taylor takes us on an acoustic guitarist’s journey drenched in gratitude and melancholy in ‘To Be Graced’ the first single from his long anticipated ‘The Land Of Milk And Honey LP’ to be released on SomeOthaShip Connect, this July.

The bittersweet, strong-yet-bloodied tone of his songwriting choices lends depth to the complex chordal structures he explores on his instrument and when the mellotron-ed string section sweeps in…forget about it, the mood is undeniable.

Steve’s high tenor is steady and somber, merging Brazilian jazz, folk, and rock with minimalist finesse – letting the melody of the piece breathe easy.

To sum it all up, if Neil Young, James Taylor, Thom Yorke, Morrissey, Carole King and Sade went all gene splice crazy…you’d have To Be Graced, by Steve Taylor.



Declaime X Kan Kick – CAKE BOSS (AUDIO SINGLE)

Sounds like Kan Kick and Declaime have been in the kitchen cookin’ up some goodies that’ll definitely give you a sweet tooth…
Cake boss goes straight for the gut but without all the high fructose corn syrup…
Produced by the man Kan Kick, also known as Kan ZuluKan The Man, and many other fonk aliases..but one thing’s for sure: there is only one Kan Kick…and this joint here kicks like a whole afternoon of kungfu…might need a little foot surgery after this one…and to add to it…we have Dr.Stokley the Fonk Monk also known in some of the last true hip hop circles as Declaime the Poet
Declaime always has something serious to say…and man…does he say it!!…all I have to say is these two together are a combination unmatched…
I heard through the grapevine that a full Kan Kick & Dudley Perkins album is in the works. rap…all singing…that should be very funky as well as very interesting…keeping fingers crossed!


No Mas Mayate- Declaime (prod. By Chris Keys)

“Oh yeah, that N*gga gotta go

He ain’t worthy to breathe no mo’

No matter what he’s done imma let him know

This is reality, just like one of them TV shows

That N**ga gotta go 

That N**ga gotta go fa sho’…”


Hey Now.

We gonna touch upon some heavy content here.

Today we bring you, The N-word.

Some intellectuals have publicly defended this epithet as an expression of power, one that enables them to move forward from the mind-numbing horror of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, otherwise known as The Maafa (a KiSwahili term for disaster, terrible occurrence or great tragedy), or deeper still, The African Holocaust.

Others have seen it as common sense that these justifications have come about through centuries of  being forced to answer to the N-word, with death or torture being the the promised outcome for all who sought out to name themselves during slavery, or even the Jim Crow era.

Declaime shares his views with us on ‘No Mas Mayate‘ (N**ga No More in mexican slang), a searing new audio single from his forthcoming Southside Story LP due to release this year on Someothaship Connect – exclusively on vinyl.

This piece opens up and ends with chopped and screwed soundbites from Dick Gregory shedding light on the N-Word over Chris Keys’ film noir-esque original instrumentation, laden with sullen vibraphones, overdriven harpsichords and muted jazz guitars sounding like a sample from the 60’s.

Declaime enters into the soundscape with the sole purpose of blasting the N-Word off into oblivion in a manner so clever, you’d think he’d gone ratchet. But as the song continues, he makes his intentions clear by cutting himself from the N-Word; being unable to utter it by manually muting his voice marks its symbolic death, as well as the end of the track.

A closer look into his verse structure reveals heavy traces of the legendary  Langston Hughes, The Watts Prophets and The Last Poets – a most needed trifecta  for these present times indeed.

Listen to this joint twice; the second go round is even more profound.


Kankick – Kan Krates Funk Soul Mix

Big shoutout to Kan Kick for lacing us with this funk soul mix that’s dripping with golden hits bound to to roll your hips…

Our Goal is to to funk up yo’ Monday in a fun way… voila, SomeOthaship.

1.Bunny Sigler-Lets Get Freaky Now
2.Rose Royce-Funkin’ Around
3.One Way Ft. Al Hudson-Pop It
4.Rick James- Ghetto Life
5.Jimmy Ross-First True Love Affair
6.Parliament-The Big Bang Theory
7.Stacy Lattisaw-Dynamite
8.The Human Body-Make You Shake It
9.Cameo-Shake Your Pants
10.Dynasty-I Just Begun To Love You
11.The Whispers-Keep On Loving Me

Shoooot….you betta enjoy yourself, ’cause this is a big ole party stuffed into an itty bitty file’s body!

Bahamadia feat. Georgia anne muldrow – hollow GEEMIX


So much injustice in this world operable under the sun / exploitation of the insolvent / misuses of guns / development of nuclear warheads a warning to some / large percentage hope’s diminished systematically numbed / enchanted or stunned confused bout which direction to run due to vices of evil strategists thrown at us at once / classified like some cattle an expendable bunch / words like empowerment and freedom not intended for us….

Cause most who we’ve elected meant to govern us / abuse positions like it’s a prerequisite / to make elitist, heartless, egotistical / decisions that ultimately effect us all…

Through cruel eyes an illusion magnified to a mind when it’s shallow / will soon realize that within due time all lies unravel / ties that bind any thoughts assigned to the dark like shadows / til it’s roots are aligned where TRUTH resides otherwise it’s hollow…

Georgia Break
What have we become? / What are we running from? / It’s hard to see this world grow so cold / It’s time we rise / Wisely excersise/ your natural right to shine / Open up your mind / Alas, there’s still time to make things right / Make it right

Political insanity’s firmly gripped on humanity casually catching casualties gradually managing to move our condition beyond damaging / experiencing tragedy after tragedy for centuries throughout history / masterfully crafting the quality of LIFE’S vanishing / a travesty / one I’m compelled to speak about candidly how can there be / less accountability for faculty as if this mess they have made will repair itself magically / apparently authority has been charmed by vanity to hold in very high esteem any form of fallacy / disguising itself as anti anything traveling / against a current of what they’ve made a deranged fantasy…

Chorus x 2
Through cruel eyes an illusion magnified to a mind when it’s shallow / will soon realize that within due time all lies unravel / ties that bind any thoughts assigned to the dark like shadows / til it’s roots are aligned where TRUTH resides otherwise it’s hollow…