Is It Possible To Hook Up Surround System Without Using A Receiver?

Receivers are presented in all price categories from simple budget expensive and high-tech. For a good listening experience with surround sound effect, you need a device with support for appropriate decoders and 5.1 configuration. And even choosing the best av receiver under $200 will not get a decent sound with surround effect. And such budget models have not the automatic configuration system which can help to facilitate the configuration of surround speakers set.

We need to simplify it more as a receiver works for receiving the audio signals from diverse devices. And the 5.1-channel receiver with configuration features helps to do this simple. Plug the set of speakers and start the calibration system.

Nevertheless, this is the simplest working of the surround sound system mainly, and it does more than that as it converts audio signal processing and cleaning it for amplifying it further to hear a good sound.

About Receivers

The surround decoders, such as Dolby Surround or DTS, process the sound and create the surround sound stage. The incoming signal is processed, divided into 5 channels with a full frequency range and 1 channel with a limited frequency range (low-frequency effects channel), and as a result, the quality is better than that of analog systems.

Modern introduced to set up surround sound without a receiver is a much convenient thing for the people who fall short for space can be considerate about this one surely. And it is possible to use an audio decoder to connect a surround sound system without a receiver. Such a device will simplify the connection as much as possible since it consists of a digital-to-analog converter and a DSP processor.

The connection process itself will not be difficult - you just need to connect the speakers to the RCA connectors of the decoder, and the decoder - using the optical connector to the source.

If you are an introvert type of person and love to enjoy your company on your own, then it is a perfect thing to go for such a surround sound system that works well without the receiver.

In this configuration, if the signal corresponds to the number of connected acoustic channels, it passes without mixing and processing. As it is.

About Receivers2

That is, if, for example, the film has a 5.1-channel audio track, and you use the appropriate audio system, the sound quality will be the same as in the original. This is much easier than connecting and setting up the receiver.

So these are some of the crucial points regarding the aspect of the surround system that can work well without the receiver.

- You need an appropriate RCA -Optical decoder; - A source with an optical input; - 5.1 speaker set.

Are party speakers good?

party speakers

Your music is important to you. You enjoy spending time with your friends and relaxing on the weekends, but sometimes it can get a little boring without something new to listen to. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have someone else play some tunes for you? That’s where party speakers come in! Here are five reasons why they’re worth considering when buying your next speaker system or sound system:

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  3. There’s no need to worry about running out of power or having to unplug them – they have their own battery that lasts up to 12 hours on a single charge
  4. You can also use them outside by plugging them into an outdoor outlet adapter or extension cord (not included)
  5. They come with a wireless remote so you don’t have to get up every time you want to change the song
  6. Connecting multiple speakers together is easy, just select “pair” from the options menu on each speaker

Sound quality is key to a great party. You don’t want music that sounds like it’s coming out of tin cans, or worse yet, your phone speaker.

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